I started Classic Forwards back in 2007 when one of my free email accounts was closed and I lost thousands of great emails I’d collected over the years. Since then, the sole purpose of this site has been to create a place where everyone can save, categorize, search, and share all the great emails, jokes, inspiring stories and images that our friends and family pass around. I actively work on the site almost every day because it makes me happy reading and viewing all the great finds! I hope you enjoy it too…

As content management systems and my own abilities have improved, so too has the site. The goal is to eventually have a site where the most relevant, popular, and meaningful content is easily discoverable and sharable by anyone. Please help make it better by rating everything you read, and sharing everything you really like! And of course, please contact me with feedback – I’ll probably act on it.

A note about the content: this site is predicated on a concept of providing content that is, by design, not my own. If you are the rightful owner of anything you see on this site, please contact me ASAP so that I can fairly attribute it to you. If I currently am not doing so, it is likely because no attribution was available to me, not because I’m trying to game the system. Most of the content on this site can be found in thousands of places online, so finding the original owner is an ongoing challenge. Contact me if something is yours – I’ll gladly attribute or take it down, whatever you like.

Finally, if you wish to contribute your favorites, partner on content or related services, or contribute some time to the project, please use the contact page to get in touch.

I hope this site brightens your day, and that you come back regularly!

Keep forwarding!