Snow in Her Hair

one day, a little girl is sitting and watching her mother do the dishes at the kitchen sink. She suddenly notices that her mother has several strands of white hair sticking out in contrast on her brunette head. She looks at her mother and inquisitively asks, "Why are some of your hairs white, Mom?" Her […]

The Lovely Wreck

an old man who’d lived all his life back up in the hills came to visit a childhood friend. Now he’d never laid eyes on a train or the iron rails on which they run. Standing in the middle of the tracks one day, he heard a distant whistle… WOOOO–ooo—OOOOO! but didn’t have a clue […]


an elderly woman and her little grandson, whose face was sprinkled with bright freckles, spent the day at the zoo. Lots of children were waiting in line to get their cheeks painted by a local artist who was decorating them with tiger paws. "You’ve got so many freckles, there’s no place to paint!" a girl […]

The New Born

once there was a woman who had a baby at the age of 85. The neighbor lady across the street was thrilled to see the baby and mama return home from the hospital in perfect health. Later, the lady ventured across the street to ask to see the newborn babe. She knocked on the door […]

Birth Control Pills

mrs. Smith, an elderly woman, went into the doctor’s office. When the doctor asked why she was there, she replied, "I’d like to have some birth control pills." Quite surprised, the doctor thought for a minute and then said, "Excuse me, Mrs. Smith, but you’re 75 years old. What possible use could you have for […]

Senior Golf Game

an eighty-year-old man’s golf game was hampered by poor eyesight. He could hit the ball well but he couldn’t see where it went. So his doctor teamed him up with a ninety-year-old man who had perfect eyesight and was willing to go along to serve as a spotter. The eighty-year-old man hit the first ball […]

My Knee Hurts

an old man limped into the doctor’s office and said, "Doctor, my knee hurts so bad, I can hardly walk!" The doctor slowly eyed him from head to toe, paused and then said, "Sir, how old are you?" "I’m 98," the man announced proudly. The doctor just sighed, and looked at him again. Finally he […]

Where is the BC

a rather old fashioned lady was planning a couple of weeks vacation in Florida. She also was quite delicate and elegant with her language. She wrote a letter to a particular campground and asked for reservations. She wanted to make sure the campground was fully equipped but didn’t know quite how to ask about the […]

The Dish of Ice Cream

an elderly husband and wife noticed that they were beginning to forget many little things around the house. They were afraid that this could be dangerous, as one of them may accidentally forget to turn off the stove and thus cause a fire. So, they decided to go see their doctor to get some help. […]

Kiss the Frog

two old guys are playing tennis. At one point, the ball rolls into some bushes and, when one of the players goes to retrieve it, he is confronted by a frog claiming to be a beautiful princess who has been turned into a frog by a mischievous wizard. If the player will kiss her, the […]