Put me into a fighting mood

Patient: Doctor, what I need is something to stir me up; something to put me in a fighting mood. Did you put something like that in this prescription? Doctor: No need for that. You will find that in your bill.

I think I need a pair of glasses

Patient: Doctor, I think I need glasses. Teller: You certainly do! This is a bank.

Get me an ambulence now

A man, after being hurt, calls 911 for help. Man: Operator, operator, call me an ambulance! Operator: Okay, sir, you’re an ambulance!

I’m gaining weight doctor

Trish: My stomach is getting awfully big, doctor. Doctor: You should diet. Trish: Really? What color?

Does it hurt when you do this?

Doctor: Does it hurt when you do this? Patient: Yes. Doctor: Well, don’t do that.

We are the best of friends

The patient shook his doctor’s hand in gratitude and said, “Since we are the best of friends, I would not want to insult you by offering payment. But I would like for you to know that I had mentioned you in my will.” “That is very kind of you,” said the doctor emotionally, and then […]

Help me with my hair doctor

Patient: My hair keeps falling out. What can you give me to keep it in? Doctor: A shoebox.

You’re in great health

Doctor: You’re in good health. You’ll live to be eighty. Patient: But, doctor, I am 80 right now. Doctor: See, what did I tell you.

What is your problem?

Doctor: What seems to be the trouble? Patient: Doctor, I keep getting the feeling that nobody can hear what I say. Doctor: What seems to be the trouble?

Driving exams worry me

Liz: I get so nervous and frightened during driving tests! Doctor: Don’t worry about it. You’ll pass eventually. Liz: I’m the examiner!