Nada Jokes

The "nadajokes" section needs some explanation: the nadajoke is a special type of deadpan humor which is intended to be absurd. The humor lies often in the dry delivery, and these are best served in sets when readers are listeners can get on a roll with the type of humor.

These one-liners aren't for everyone. If you find some of these offensive, I apologize... I've done my best to curate them to remove overtly sexist, racist, or downright offensive nadajokes. In fact you'll find many of them play off and successfully mock the traditionally racist nature of joke-telling in Western culture. That said, please flag, comment, or rate accordingly if you're not digging one. Have fun!

Two Black Eyes

What did the man say to the woman with two black eyes? “Oh my goodness! Are you alright?!”

Gay Man with a Woman

What do you call a gay man who has sex with a woman? A bisexual.

Pregnant Woman Bus

A pregnant woman takes the bus, once inside she realizes that there are no seats. No one was polite enough to let her sit down so she felt pretty uncomfortable on the way home.

Women Kitchen #3

Why was the woman in the kitchen? She was hungry.

Bar Jokes – Attractive Woman

A businessman notices an attractive woman sitting at the end of the bar so he buys her a drink. She kindly accepts and spends a few minutes making pleasant conversation with him. When she’s finished with her drink, she promptly begins to flirt with another man at the bar who’s not twenty years older than […]

Car Broken – Bus to Work

A 55-year-old white man’s car is broken, so he decides to take a bus to work that morning. His bus arrives and he gets on. Then he notices the driver’s a woman. He pays for his ticket, takes a seat by the window and in about an hour he gets to his office.

Hooker and Hotel

So this guy’s taking a hooker back to a hotel room, right? The woman turns out to be a federal agent investigating prostitution in inner-city inviornments, and the man is promptly arrested. He is now subject to a large fine and 90 days in a county jail.

Quickest Way to a Woman’s Heart #2

Q: What’s the quickest way to a woman’s heart? A: Through her ribcage.

Red Riding Hood and Wolf

“My, what big teeth you have!” exclaimed Little Red Riding Hood. “Because I’m a wolf,” explained the wolf. “And I dress in women’s clothing because it makes me happier.”

Lesbians and Lightbulbs

How many lesbians does it take to change a lightbulb? One. But after she does this, se will probably have sex with another woman